Tasers Can Cause Long-Term Injuries

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Tasers might not seem very powerful - until one is used on you. That's when you need to contact the Law Offices Of James S. Terrell in Victorville, CA. Our lead attorney knows how serious a taser injury can be and will fight for justice.

No police officer should get away with tasing an innocent citizen. That's why attorney Terrell uses his knowledge and resources in the courtroom. Speak with him now by calling 760-951-5850.

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A taser can leave lasting damage

The pain doesn't always go away after the initial incident. A taser injury could lead to heart issues, strokes and even paralysis. These are serious health problems that could cost you money in medical bills and lost wages. A lifelong disability might even leave you unable to work. Attorney Terrell understands the medical implications of taser abuse. He'll use facts, video evidence and witnesses to support your case in court.

Seek justice for taser abuse in Hesperia or Victorville, CA today.