Sometimes, the Police Go Too Far

Sue them for use of excessive force in Hesperia or Victorville, CA

Police use of excessive force is a serious issue throughout the country. That doesn't exclude Hesperia and Victorville, CA. Luckily, the Law Offices Of James S. Terrell works to protect citizens by bringing overly aggressive police officers to justice. If you've been beaten or physically harmed in any way by an on-duty police officer, you may be entitled to compensation. Attorney Terrell will help you fight not only for compensation but for justice.

Hire an attorney to handle your excessive force case in Victorville, CA today.

police use of excessive force victorville ca

Arrested citizens have rights

If you want to sue the police for use of excessive force, attorney Terrell can handle your case. He's been practicing law for over 25 years and knows how the justice system works. You can tell him about your situation, and he'll provide sound advice and aggressive representation.

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